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New episode: Leg 8: World Flip

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The latest episode!

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After five years, the series has returned!

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Results, as of Leg 8

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The Amazing Marble Race - Season 3, Leg 8

"World Flip" is the eighth leg of The Amazing Marble Race - Season 3. It was released five years and one day after Leg 7.

AMR3 Leg 7 Results
    Yellow-Red-icon (Crossed).png         Brown-Red-icon.png
        Blue-Yellow-icon (Crossed).png   Pink-Yellow-icon (Crossed).png  
          Purple-Green-icon.png   Brown-Green-icon.png
Red-Pink-icon.png Orange-Pink-icon (Crossed).png            
  Orange-Brown-icon.png       Purple-Brown-icon.png    

Last leg, 4 marbles died. In this leg, 3 will die. That means the chance of death increased from 36.4% to 42.9%.

#1 Orange-Brown-icon.png 20:25.35
#2 Brown-Green-icon.png 22:50.03
#3 Brown-Blue-icon.png 23:50.01
#4 Purple-Brown-icon.png 24:33.46
#5 Red-Pink-icon.png 25:58.76
#6 Purple-Green-icon.png 27:41.54
#7 Brown-Red-icon.png 29:52.71
#8 Orange-Pink-icon.png 35:32.40
#9 Yellow-Red-icon.png 37:21.10
#10 Pink-Yellow-icon.png 41:33.34
#11 Blue-Yellow-icon.png 42:16.72
#12 Brown-Purple-icon.png 25:26.91
#13 Red-Yellow-icon.png 28:20.82
#14 Red-Green-icon.png 33:32.17
#15 Yellow-Brown-icon.png 46:55.63
#16 Brown-Yellow-icon.png 46:59.67
#17 Pink-Red-icon.png 15:31.31
#18 Pink-Green-icon.png 16:13.55
#19 Purple-Yellow-icon.png 16:51.39
#20 Blue-Brown-icon.png 17:02.26
#21 Blue-Purple-icon.png 17:12.67
#22 Purple-Blue-icon.png 17:25.57
#23 Orange-Purple-icon.png 11:49.02
#24 Green-Blue-icon.png 12:09.65
#25 Orange-Green-icon.png 13:33.81
#26 Pink-Orange-icon.png 14:59.77
#27 Blue-Green-icon.png 15:45.80
#28 Red-Orange-icon.png 16:21.99
#29 Blue-Pink-icon.png 18:54.04
#30 Green-Brown-icon.png 6:47.38
#31 Green-Orange-icon.png 6:55.79
#32 Pink-Brown-icon.png 6:58.18
#33 Blue-Red-icon.png 7:30.59
#34 Red-Brown-icon.png 7:42.59
#35 Purple-Pink-icon.png 8:04.18
#36 Blue-Orange-icon.png 8:41.03
#37 Purple-Red-icon.png 10:55.80
#38 Yellow-Blue-icon.png 5:35.98
#39 Green-Purple-icon.png 5:47.18
#40 Pink-Blue-icon.png 5:54.63
#41 Red-Blue-icon.png 6:03.35
#42 Red-Purple-icon.png 6:05.11
#43 Yellow-Pink-icon.png 6:17.85
#44 Orange-Red-icon.png 6:29.87
#45 Green-Red-icon.png 7:07.78
#46 Purple-Orange-icon.png 7:48.20
#47 Yellow-Purple-icon.png 2:16.94
#48 Yellow-Green-icon.png 2:30.43
#49 Orange-Yellow-icon.png 2:33.57
#50 Orange-Blue-icon.png 2:39.63
#51 Pink-Purple-icon.png 2:44.64
#52 Green-Yellow-icon.png 2:45.81
#53 Brown-Orange-icon.png 2:56.69
#54 Green-Pink-icon.png 3:01.90
#55 Brown-Pink-icon.png 5:01.19
#56 Yellow-Orange-icon.png 12:26.28

Marbles' Leg 7 times determines when they'll begin Leg 8.
Will Orange-Brown-icon.png hold on to the lead?
Will the bottom 3 step it up and avoid death?
It's time to find out! (Full article...)

Previous episodes: "Up the Ladder" • "One on One" • "Synchrony" • "Laps" • "Pickaxes" • More...

Did you know...

  • ... that the Yellow-Purple-icon.png/Purple-Yellow-icon.png pair is the shortest lasting? This is because the higher-ranking marbles die first in a leg.
  • ... that Yellow-Orange-icon.png, the last-placer in Season 3, contains the first two colors to be completely exterminated?
  • ... that the hiatus between Leg 7 ("Up the Ladder") and Leg 8 ("World Flip") (1,827 days) is more than twice as long as the span between Leg 1 ("Setbacks") and "Up the Ladder" (481 days)?
  • ... that a YouTuber named IloveRumania created unofficial versions of Legs 8, 9, and 10?
  • ... that IloveRumania is not the only user to make fan-made versions of the Amazing Marble Race?

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